General conditions for booking a holiday home for tourist purposes

Terms and Conditions

Information and reservations 

TERREROS HOMES by Grupo Platinum Estates SL is one of the leading Estate Agents in the area. We manage the properties directly on behalf of the owners, offering them a guaranteed reservation for their accommodation.


– The price includes cleaning of the accommodation on arrival. 

– The price includes the provision of bed and bath linen on arrival for each of the guests in the accommodation (respecting the maximum number of guests per property).

-The price includes the consumption of water and electricity up to a maximum of 100 kw for a property with 1 bedroom, 125 kw for a property with 2 bedrooms and 150 kw for a property with 3 bedrooms.    


A payment of 30% is required to secure your reservation.

If the selected accommodation is already blocked during the booking process or if there is an overlapped booking, the client will be informed within 24 hours of booking, and the amount paid will be refunded.

A successful booking; The remaining amount of the price for the stay, plus the security deposit of 500 € will be charged to your credit card 3 days before your arrival.


Credit card.


More than 30 days before arrival 25% of the rental price, less than 30 days in advance 50%, less than 10 days in advance a total of 60% of the total price will be forfeited.


The client must provide before arrival, a copy of the identity card of all persons over 16 years of age who are going to occupy the accommodation.

The accommodation must be handed over/returned, at the end of your stay, in its original condition. Remember that the client is responsible for the property during his stay; and is obliged to inform and cover any possible damage caused to the property.


The clients will provide the details of a Credit Card to ensure the fulfilment of this contract, authorising the charging of possible damages that the property being rented may suffer, attributable to the Client/Lessee (the loss of keys would imply the change of the lock with the costs that this incurrs). 

Any anomaly or damage caused during the stay should be notified to TerrerosHomes by the clients as soon as possible. 

Terreros Homes accepts no responsibility for any valuables left in the flats during their stay or at the end of their stay.


Clients must inform us in advance of their arrival time for the check in to be scheduled.

Check in to the accommodation will take place from 16.00h until 18.30h on the day of arrival, in order to prepare the accommodation for your stay. 

The client will be provided with one complete set of keys for the property rented.

Our office hours are from Monday to Friday from 9.30h to 19.00h and on Saturdays from 10h00 to 18h00.

Guests who are expected to arrive outside our office hours should inform us in advance in order to receive nstructions on how to collect keys for the accommodation.  


Check out of the accommodation will be at the latest at 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.

The accommodation must be handed back to TerrerosHomes in the same tidy condition in which it was delivered, and within a normal level of use and decorum (including electrical appliances, terrace/garden and barbecues). 

If this is not the case, additional cleaning charges will be incurred. 

*           Flats and Townhouses: 

      1 Bedroom 55.00 € 

      2 Bedrooms 65.00 € 

      3 Bedrooms 80.00 € 

     4 Bedrooms 95.00 €

*          Villas 150.00 € 150.00 € 


*BARBECUE CLEANING: if a barbecue if left dirty and a clean has to carried out, 50€ will be charged from the deposit money.

*EXCESS Use of WATER AND LIGHT CONSUMPTION: The excess will be charged with 0.40€ per Kw in which they are exceeded. 

Basic supplies are included which are: 100 Kw for a property with 1 bedroom, 

125 Kw property with 2 bedrooms, 150 Kw property with 3 bedrooms, calculations made with a smart meter. 

The abuse of air conditioning: for example, when the property is left during the daytime, is a common cause of excess consumption. In case of not turning off the air conditioning after your departure, or leaving lights on in the house, such forgetfulness may result in an additional charge that will be charged on the amount received as the deposit.

*LEAVING THE KEYS INSIDE: If the keys are left inside the property, and one of our staff has to go to open the door of the house with a copy, this will incur a charge, 20€ during office hours and outside office hours costs of locksmith servies/call out.

*IF THE KEYS ARE LEFT INSIDE THE DOOR OR THE KEY SET IS COMPLETELY LOST: You will be charged for the lock change service with the locksmith, the price depends on the time of opening and the locksmith who is available at that time, prices between 190€ and 250€.

* Damage to the property, lack of property belongings or unusual dirt on sofas, walls, etc…. will be charged, depending on the damage, and the cost of its replacement or cleaning by the corresponding department, the costs will be deducted from the deposit, in the event that the payment of the damage will exceed the amount of the deposit, this sum will be invoiced and must be paid. We understand that the tenants have or must have a civil liability insurance.

* Pets and smoking are not allowed in the property, a charge of 100€ will be deducted from the security deposit for additional cleaning and breaching the rules of the establishment they have rented.

*Rubbish: Rubbish must be removed from the flats, and will be taken by the tenants, put in the rubbish containers in the places established by law.

Blue container: Paper and cardboard. …Green container: Glass. …Yellow container: Plastic containers, cans and bricks. …Waste container: Organic waste and other waste. 

Please try to leave the house in the condition in which it was delivered to you..

Turn off the air conditioning.

Close the awnings if the house has them.

Leave the fridge empty as at your entrance (empty).

The rubbish is to be deposited in the appropriate containers outside the house. THANK YOU 

If guests plan to leave the property earlier than the organised departure date, they must inform us in advance in order to receive instructions.


– The rules of coexistence and use are regulated in the Spanish General Legislation and specifically in the Horizontal Property Law, the Government Decree of tourist flats and the particular Statutes of the Community of Owners of each building. 

– The accommodation cannot be occupied by more people than the capacity indicated and signed in the rental contract.

– Energy saving must be respected by closing doors and windows when the air-conditioning is switched on, and by switching off the air-conditioning and lights when the guests are outside the accommodation. 

– It is forbidden to have glass objects in the pool area. The rules of hygiene in the swimming pool must be complied with at all times, as well as respecting the rules and timetables of the swimming pool.

 – You must respect the rules of dress, behaviour and civility in the communal areas of the housing estates where you are staying, as well as the right to rest of other residents. Likewise, do not enter the building’s entrance and lifts with wet feet.

– Furniture and household items must not be taken out of the accommodation. 

– If there is a communal car park, only one vehicle per accommodation may be parked there.

***Failure to comply with any of these rules will be grounds for termination of the rental contract, with loss of the amounts paid***.

Terreros Homes reserves the right to change the reserved accommodation for another of similar standards in case of circumstances of Force Majeure.